At Balfour Nursery we recognise and applaud the children’s ability to count to large numbers, but there are also other aspects that are integral to the children’s understanding of mathematics.

We support and encourage the children to understand and enjoy mathematics. This is achieved through learning that is tailored to the child’s age. This learning ranges from the use of songs for our younger children to basic shapes and counting for our toddlers and the use of more complex shapes and simple calculations for our pre school children.

The children in Dragonfly room have been working hard with mathematical development. They have been investigating 3D shapes, counting the number of sides on each shape, recognising shapes around the room, and making simple patterns with shapes.

Moreover, the children have been learning about numbers and using blocks to quantify amounts.

Activities of particular enjoyment to the children included the use of number puzzles, counting the animals next to numbers, matching the number blocks to numbers and adding the correct quantity of building blocks to the number.