Faris and Aadam’s mum (2019)
Outstanding nursery cannot fault on any aspect. Both my children attended and although I briefly moved one to a closer nursery, returned within a month as the new nursery simply did not match Balfour standards on any front. It is a very homely setting, not too overwhelming allowing children to relate and settle in quickly. I believe communication is key in any establishment your child enters and willingness to listen and work through any concerns parents may raise . Staff at Balfour have time and time again exceeded my expectations on this, as not only their classroom staff are happy to listen but manager is always available. There was always a clear structure to my children’s day helpings them develop key skills , along with regular feedback of progress and areas of development to allow me to support them at home. The nursery was always clean and well kept. I must add I feel the manager Dawn, really is one of the reasons this nursery deserves an outstanding, as a manager with limited time she still made time to greet parents and open to speak should they require. Dawn knew children's names which is rare, this is not the case in other nurseries as managers rarely spend time with the children and interactions are left to key workers. Thank you Balfour for getting my two babies ready for reception and I hope the school mirrors all of the strengths of your nursery.